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If you'd like to show support but aren't in a place to spend money (believe me - I completely understand!), the three things that you can do that I would appreciate the most are to:
  • Visit my Facebook and click "like" on my page. As shallow as it feels to admit it, positive feedback is the thing that gives me confidence that I can do this, and it means a ton to me every time someone likes my page or one of my posts.
  • Reach out via e-mail, comment, Facebook, or on my feedback form and let me know how I'm doing! I love making personal contact with people, whether their old friends from my past or new people I've never met.  I want more than ever to build up an audience of people I can engage with regularly :)
  • If you know anyone that you think would gain something out of reading my writing, pretty pretty please let them know this blog exists? At least for the near future, my plan is to heavily focus on transgender-related topics since I feel like I can have the most impact there.

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