Cody and I are trying to run an online fund-raiser for a non-profit organization called Trans Lifeline that provides support for transgender people in crisis.  We're going to be raffling off some wearable art from Cody's store (Misfit Cords) and putting 100% of the money into a cause that we both support.

Click here for the full backstory:  (blog post)

The Trans Lifeline mission:  "Trans Lifeline works to end transgender suicide and improve overall mental health of transgender people through education, advocacy, and direct service. We empower trans people to help one another, and to shape our collective efforts by drawing upon our wealth of individual experiences."

Click here for more information about Trans Lifeline:  (website and Facebook page)


First Place Prize is a full-sized Mad Hatter top hat.  A Misfit Cords original handmade top hat, currently retailing for $150.  Now is your chance to have your very own - all it takes to have a chance is to give $1.00 to a cause that will help save lives!  Remember - the more you donate, the better your odds of winning.  :)

1st Place - Mad Hatter Hat

Second Place Prize is a magic patchwork bag.  It's a great way to hold whatever you need.  It can easily hold money, keys, credit cards, phones, dice, or whatever valuables you like to travel with.  Complete your outfit with a magic bag for your tricks!

2nd Prize - Patchwork Bag

(please read carefully!)

  • Forward a copy or screenshot of the confirmation e-mail that to shellymoonbeam@gmail.com.  For every 1 dollar donated, you'll get a virtual raffle ticket.  Remember - the more you donate, the better your odds of winning!
  • Note that the donation must be dated between midnight 12/13/16 (Tuesday) and noon 12/16/16 (Friday) PST to be considered for this contest.
  • On 12/17/16 (Saturday) I'm going to draw winners for the first and second place prizes.  My plan right now is to use RandomPicker to choose the winners for full transparency.  I'll announce all winners on my Facebook page and contact all prize winners via e-mail to arrange shipping details.

This contest is brought to you by Misfit Cords and we hope we can do more raffles like it!


This contest hasn't been endorsed or sponsored by Trans Lifeline.  I want to be upfront about that.  I hoped/figured this was a good case of "easier to ask forgiveness than permission".  If anyone questions my methods or motives, I at least feel confident that my last few blog posts should paint a good picture of who Cody and I are and why we chose to try something like this.

Full disclosure:  part of this contest is about testing the waters to see if it's something I can run on a regular basis.  We make a lot of art (and know a lot of good artists) and there are a lot of good non-profits I can think of that I'd love to support.  While I'm admittedly nervous about how well this will go, I can confidently say that I've had a blast brainstorming this idea out and actually going forward with it.

I want to thank my friend Lou for showing me the "e-mail me a receipt" system of fund-raising.  That system was the main inspiration for this idea - doing something like this is a lot less stressful for me if I don't have to handle any of the money.

Just so it's clearly stated, I'm not going to do anything with people's e-mail addresses other than using them to contact the winners.  If you're interested in hearing about future raffles like this, like my Facebook page to be kept in the loop if it turns out this is something I can continue to do.

Finally - it'd mean a lot to me if people help spread the word about this contest.  In my head, it seems like something that could either succeed or fail, and right now I'm cautiously optimistic about the word getting out about this and people actually donating because of it.  As I've mentioned countless times, part of what I want to do for a living is to put something positive out into the world, and in my head this is a good way to at least try.

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