Misfit Cords
Check out Misfit Cords where my husband Cody sells really cool wearable art <3
  • My plan moving forward is to update my public blog page four days a week - Monday through Thursday morning, at 10 a.m. (PST) sharp.
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  • My posts on Fridays are going to go up on my Patreon page and will only be visible to my patrons. A dollar a month is all it takes to show your support!
  • The first goal on my Patreon is going to be $1,000 per month - a modest $12,000 per year. If I get there, I'll feel confident that I can be in this for the long haul. I'll come up with some clever prizes for the people who donate the most :)

I recognize that there are people who have no idea what Patreon is and/or don't have any interest in signing up for it. That's cool. If you're in that category but would still like to support my work through Paypal, I would greatly appreciate it! Honestly, even a single dollar would go a long way - given a choice, I'd way rather get lots of tiny donations than a few large ones.

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